Welcome! I'm glad you're here :)


On the surface, I'm just a farm kid from South Dakota - who happens to travel all over the country documenting peoples love stories. Pretty cool, right? When I'm not traveling I spend all my time with my little love, Nora Mae, my husband Merritt, and our kitties Eve & Opal.


I am constantly finding myself in the Starbucks drive through and trying to decide what color crocs I should get next. I believe you should celebrate everything & anything that makes you feel good - you get one life and should make the most of it while you're here.


My hubby & I

I might live in South Dakota but that doesn’t stop me from adventuring to new destinations. When I’m not capturing memories you can find me with my family, drinking coffee & amazon shopping or dreaming of new ways I can grow. I’d love to meet you in person with a cup of coffee or via zoom!