I'm Maggie, a traveling western wedding photographer tucked away between Sioux City & Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I grew up on a farm where crops & livestock were apart of my everyday life. It is my mission to keep the tradition alive in agriculture lifestyles all across the country. 

I live in my hometown with my husband and our daughter Nora Mae. We have two cats, Eve & Opal, who like to make appearances on my instagram story so make sure you follow me. ;) Yes, I am a cat mom. 

Hey guys!!!

Things I love:

1) Helping the 2% share their love story

2) Spending time with my husband, Nora Mae & kitties

3ONLINE SHOPPING - I have to hide packages from my husband ;)

4) Coors light

5) Qdoba - the reason I prefer elastic waist bands

6) real flowers

Fun Facts about me!

  • I cannot control my self and buy coffee cups like they're going out of style & collect the Starbucks travel collection

  • I can't hold a pencil the correct way

  • I am deathly afraid of killer whales

  • And lastly I'm a beauty school drop out!